Saturday Sept 2nd at Lakeland Center, the biggest All White Wear Affair of all time fires up! Sections, tickets & tables on sale now!

The Lakeland Center
701 W Lime St.
Lakeland, Fl 33815
Soundtrack Provider
DJ Secret & more.
Drink Specials
$5 Hennesy & Ciroc til midnight!
Dress Code = Dress Well
Wear White. 80% of Outfit Must Be White. No Effort, No Entry - Fashion Casual / Doorman's Discretion.
Collar Shirts & Button Down Shirts Suggested for Men.
No Hats Permitted (Fedoras & Cangos are allowed).
No Athletic Apparel of any kind allowed.
No Plain White T-Shirts, Jerseys or Tanks.
No Basketball Shoes, Running Shoes, Foam or Jordan's allowed.
No Shorts Are Permitted.
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